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APRA Best Country Music Song Award

Winner 2023 +

Congratulations to Tami Neilson and Delaney Davidson for winning the APRA 2023 Best Country Music Song with ‘Beyond The Stars’.


Americana Fest 2022

"It's appropriate that Neilson played the last slot Saturday night, closing out the festival, because Americanafest was a Tami Neilson concert with four days of really good opening acts."

- Concert Hopper


Tami Neilson’s latest album “Kingmaker”  boasts a duet with Willie Nelson on Beyond the Stars, a waltz full of tumbling guitars and sweeping strings with Neilson soaring effortlessly above. Strong-voiced 50s divas such as Patsy Cline – of whom Willie is reminded – remain a central strand of Neilson’s work ..

“The Kiwi queen remains an imperious talent.”  Neil Spencer, The Guardian



5 x Best Country Album

3 x Best Country Music Song

4 x Best Country Artist 

APRA Silver Scroll



Familiar yet properly outsider, modern yet somehow classic- Examiner USA


Delaney Davidson is a Singer Songwriter, Musician, and Visual Artist, dredging up classic murder ballads, songs with a deep insight into the human condition, and hypnotic trance takes on old blues classics.


With his recordings, touring and producer work, he has built a name for himself both locally and internationally. 2023 sees Delaney working on new music and taking up the Stoddard Cottage Residency at Purau, Banks Peninsula.


Delaney Davidson and Tami Neilson have been co-writing for years, and have a friendship that has resulted in a wealth of  beautiful songs: Beyond The Stars, Whiskey and Kisses, Running to You.


Massey University Artist In Residence 2022, Producer of the Year 2021, 

APRA Professional Development Award Winner 2019, Artist Laureate of New Zealand 2015, 

Three times winner of the NZ Country Music Song of the Year Award, 

Awarded NZ Country Music Album Of The Year, Winner of the One Man Band Competition in Zurich and Saddest Song Competition Winner Berlin 2010.

Congratulations from APRA and the New Zealand Songwriter's Trust!  

Click here to listen to the winning song 'Trouble Finds A Girl'

To find out more about Tami visit

To find out more about Delaney visit

The finalists for the 2023 APRA Best Country Music Song Award were: (in no particular order)

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